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Energy Everywhere:

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First, there was a raw prototype – a very basic “solar bag”. Back in 2006, the time seemed right for the idea of producing your own energy everywhere.

The founding team of Element5 started selling its first hand-sewn solar bags out of a garage before it even occured to them to found a “real company”.

Whenever we think about what we will do next, we think about how it could benefit society. And we believe in free energy improving the lives of many.

We are not alone on this quest, though. We have you.

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4 + 1 Elements

Electricity as fifth elemental necessity

of today’s civilization.

Since the beginnings, earth has provided its inhabitants with everything they needed to live. AIR is here for all species to breathe. We drink WATER from fresh sources and plant trees into the EARTH in order to feed off its fruit. Learning to handle FIRE allowed mankind to cook food and heat their habitat. Our planet is providing these four elements to everyone free of charge.

Later, inventors like Nikola Tesla taught mankind to use  ELECTRICITY to benefit their daily lives. Electrical energy gives us heating, light, mobility, drives our machines and has pushed our civilization forward.

Produce your own


“All people everywhere

should have free energy sources.

Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the worlds machinery without the need for coal, oil, or gas.”

-Nikola Tesla,

1856-1943, Inventor and Visionary

Solar energy

Element5 is on a mission to facilitate an efficient usage of solar energy.

Contrary to traditional energy sources such as oil or gas, solar energy is provided to us in abundant amounts by the universe, anywhere and free of charge.

Its RESOURCE IS SUNLIGHT and shines down on us without cease. Still, we are combusting oil and coal and are producing radioactive waste in order to generate energy for our needs. One of the main reasons is: We haven’t quite understood how to harness sun as a resource of infinite energy.

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Energy for transportation

Developing e-Mobility.

The key in using solar energy for mobility is energy storage. By adapting new technology into consumer products, we build the base for new inventions such as graphene supercapacitators to be funded. The Lithium batteries we use for our batteries are now also found in electric vehicles.

Find out more about e-Mobility (Coming Soon)



Element5 gives you the responsablility over the usage of a resource.

Systematical use of solar energy will change the world. Sunlight is available in almost unlimited quantities and can be made usable with little technical effort and without generating emissions. Furthermore, solar energy is safe from speculative and political dangers because we can tap its source in our very own garden.

Over the centuries, humans have invented and used tools to make use of natural resources, such as the four elements.

The next step of our civilization will be done once we have made the “fifth Element”, energy from the sun, accessible in a sustainable way.

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Water is life.

To solve the water issue,

we need to solve energy.

Energy is the number one limitation factor for turning salt water into potable water.

If we can supply a steady source of renewable clean energy, water refinement could become much more efficient, providing millions with fresh water and thus solving one of the big challenges of this century.

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