e5 Solar Kits
Flexible to complement your lifestyle.

Solar kits deliver you the basics of energy production

with a powerful solar module and a dedicated solar battery.

How and where to apply them is up to your imagination.


Solar Starter Kit
Smart Charger
4 Watt

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Starter Kit

e5 Explorer

Outdoor Solar Kit
Flexible Belt System
4 Watt

SWISS MADE SwissFlag small


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e5 Explorer WhiteBG

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Learn all about the solar technology that goes into our solar charging products.
How it works

Learn all about how to recharge your Phone, Laptop or DSLR Camera using your Element5 charger.

Why Element5

Learn all about how we make sure you’ll love your Element5 solar charger for your solar experience.

The Technology

Learn all about the technology we implement to make sure our solar chargers are the best out there.