e5 Solar Accessories
Getting more out of your solar energy.

Get more out of your Solar Bags and Solar Kits by upgrading them with Solar Accessories

that run on the Solar Energy you have produced yourself.


BT Speaker iPhone REV

Bluetooth Speaker
4 Watt


Your Spotify music collection sounds so much better if you don’t have to listen to them over your Phone’s speakers. Get an eVibe and bring your sounds to your friends in the garden, at the lake or beach.

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LED Lights


Flexible Stand


eShine is the perfect LED-lamp to keep your tent illuminated at night. Plugged into an e5 Solar Charger, it will shine for days. Bonus: Its light doesn’t attract insects.

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USB Charging Flashlight


eLed is the perfect torch to keep in your bag all the time. Always have a torch handy and recharge it on your Solar Charger via USB. eLed is waterproof and easy to operate.

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Rechargeable Batteries


e3 Charger
Battery Charger


One of the smartest battery chargers out there: Recharges one to four AA/AAA batteries and keeps them healthy. Can be plugged in at home, in your car or to your Solar Charger.

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Eneloop AA

Rechargeable AA-Battery


Rechargeable batteries are great and Eneloop makes some of the best available. Beautiful design and high capacity combined, these batteries will happily store your solar energy.

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Cables and Adapters



Element5 offers you a wide variety of cables and adapters to customize your Solar Bag or Solar Kit to your personal needs. In our webshop, you will find:


– Charging Cables
– Solar Extension Cords
– Charging Adapters
– Adapter Tips


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