Juice Mi up.

Mi delivers hours of battery charge for your devices.

So, you’re leaving home for a few days and don’t know where along the road you’ll have an electrical outlet to charge your phone?

Then take an outlet with you: Mi Charger holds enough backup energy to charge most of today’s smartphones 4-6 times over.

Get your backup

Store more energy.

And always have a plan B

Mi Charger is not picky when it comes to its source of energy: It will refill on Solar power from Kal or eJaguar, take its juice from a wall outlet or just any USB power source that is currently available.

Thanks to Mi’s excellent safety monitoring electronics, it will hold a full charge for months. So there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t have one as a backup energy source in your house, in your car or any bag or backpack you carry around.

Mi is everything you’d want from a backup battery pack: It recharges your devices fast due to the 2.1A USB out and also recharges them often thanks to its generous 10’000 mAh energy reserve.

Give Mi juice

MiCharger Power

One button

All the functions

One button. That’s all it takes to operate your Mi Charger. Press the button to turn it on or check its charging status.


Better together

Use “Mi” to upgrade your Solar Starter Kit

Mi and “Kal” are a great match. Link them together to boost capacity and charging speed:

Mi will act as additional power storage for your “Kal” – enhancing energy storage by 230%.

Learn more about linking “Mi” to “Kal”:

How it works


Watt hours of energy.


full charges for your Smartphone.


guaranteed charging cycles.


Safe like no other charger

Nine-point protection

A series of microchips from Texas Instruments constantly monitor and adjust the charging process.

So that you, your charging device and Mi are always on the safe side.



High Capacity – Low weight

250g of magic

Mi is high on tech and low on bulk: 10’400 mAh of energy can be put out through its 2.1Amp USB Outlet. If you own an iPhone, that means it will be fully charged within 50 minutes.

And Mi will do that that five times over on a single charge, weighing in at only 250g or 8.8oz.


Heavy on technology.

Easy on the eyes

There’s actually a lot of tech inside Mi Charger – Battery packs, a high-tech electrical circuit, wires and LED lamps. And everything is well enclosed inside that beautiful matte aluminum casing.

All you really need to know, though, is this: Plug your phone or tablet into the USB outlet, start charging and let Mi do all the rest.

Sit back and let your device get all the juice it needs before Mi turns off automatically as soon as the charging has reached 100%.

Get it now


“Mi” external USB Battery

An extra pool of energy for your devices.

Charger E-36

Mi Charger

36Wh / 10’400mAh

Charges Phones and Tablets


CHF 79.-
Buy Now


Mi Charger

Tech specs

Size and weight:





Power and output:

4-Watt Solar Cell @ 22V / 200mA

Fix installed Solar Module

DC Car Plug Socket out


8 Stowing Compartments

Special Laptop Compartment

Made of durable Truck Tarp

Energy Storage:

With eJaguar

for Notebook and Laptop charging


With Kalhuohfummi

for Phone and Tablet charging

In the Box

Version with “Kal”:

e5 Business

Battery Kal

Adapter Set for Phones

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Version with eJaguar:

e5 Business

Battery eJaguar

Adapter Set for Laptops

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Wall Plug Charger for eJaguar


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