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Meet “Kal”

Our smartest solar battery yet

Converting and storing solar energy is some demanding work. Keeping book about how much energy was produced is an even more complex task. Kalhuohfummi is the first solar energy storage with included counter and handles both jobs just fine. It is our clever, hard-working battery for everyday.

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Count on it.

Kalhuohfummi keeps track of your solar energy production

Kalhuohfummi is a battery specially designed for solar energy storage. Its charging electronics are engineered to ensure highest efficiency when transforming energy from a solar panel. But the biggest feature ist the smart chip embedded in its circuit: It will keep track of your solar energy production and store this data for 42 days. Enough time for you to connect “Kal” to your computer and upload your solar data onto your online profile. Every upload will be shown on your personal counter and earn you badges and rewards on our community.


Smart display

For instant charging feedback

Kal’s four-digit LED charging display does not only show you how full its batteries are, it will also blink faster, the more energy you are generating. It’s the perfect feedback for adjusting your solar panel to just the right angle.

For a more visual approach,

see our video on youtube:

e5 Youtube Channel



Water resistant

Your Solar Starter Kit and Solar Bags are designed to be used outdoors. Of course, Kal will play along nicely so you don’t have to worry about occasional splash damage. A special coating covering its internal electronics ensures Kal is ready for work even under humid outdoor conditions. Just remember to dry up that USB Output before you plug any cable in.


Watt hours of charging capacity.


full charges for an iPhone.


Guaranteed charging cycles.



charging detection

Of course you can also quickly recharge your “Kal” using a separate AC Wall Charger. However, Kal will notice you’re trying to feed it AC electricity:

Its charging indicator will turn red and you’re not going to get Solar Credits on your counter for these charges.



à go-go

“Kal” transforms and stores the energy gathered by your solar module. It holds 4400mAh of juice, enough for two full phone charges. If you need more than that, pair Kal with our Mi Charger as an additional power tank. Together, they will hold enough energy for a volleyball team’s worth of iPhones.

Mi Charger


Time to claim back.

The first solar charger actually earning you money

Harvest sunlight. Upload your data. Get rewards.

Never before have you been able to actually see your portable solar energy production. For every Watt hour of solar energy generated, you will get one “ReCoin” on our online community. Use your coins to save real cash: Our goodies include rebates on online purchases and services – And expect many more possibilities to spend your Recoins in the near future.

Keep collecting that sunlight – and soon your solar bag or solar kit will pay for itself.

Start collecting now


Charger Kalhuohfummi

Pack all your devices and recharge them while on the go.


Charger E-16C


16Wh / 4’400mAh

Charges Phones and Tablets

Counts your Energy Production

CHF 108.-
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Tech specs

Size and weight:





Power and output:

4-Watt Solar Cell @ 22V / 200mA

Fix installed Solar Module

DC Car Plug Socket out


8 Stowing Compartments

Special Laptop Compartment

Made of durable Truck Tarp

Energy Storage:

With eJaguar

for Notebook and Laptop charging


With Kalhuohfummi

for Phone and Tablet charging

In the Box

Version with “Kal”:

e5 Business

Battery Kal

Adapter Set for Phones

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Version with eJaguar:

e5 Business

Battery eJaguar

Adapter Set for Laptops

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Wall Plug Charger for eJaguar


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