All the power you need

eJaguar powers your Laptop for hours to go.

eJaguar marks the high-end solution for energy storage. With 60 Watt hours of energy, the typical capacity of a full laptop computer charge, it holds plenty of power for all your devices. All beautifully and safely enclosed in a robust aluminum casing.

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Extra power

means extra productivity and extra safety.

eJaguar is designed to work both in and outside of your solar bag. It’s robust enough that you can take it along everyday to recharge all your devices: Be that in your e5 Business bag keeping your laptop computer running for many more hours or be it on a hike in the mountains where you want to make sure your GPS device stays on for days.

But you can also keep eJaguar at home all the time as an emergency power backup. Its broad compatibility with many devices and cables make it a great all-around solution for a wide array of your gadgets and electronic devices. It’s easily upgraded with accessories and will ensure your phone remains charged for days or weeks in case the public electric grid has broken down.

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Button operation

You get all of eJaguar’s power at just the touch of a button. Push it to turn on USB charging as well as getting a read on the charging indicator.


Hybrid Charging

Adapting to the circumstances

In order to make eJaguar a brilliant backup battery, it’s important that you can feed it with electricity, no matter where. It will recharge via solar panel, AC wall outlet or any 12/24V Car charger.


Watt hours of Energy.


complete iPhone charges.


charging cycles guaranteed.


Connection Pro

It’s all about versatility

eJaguar comes shipped with a wide array of adapters for smartphones and laptop computers, so most devices can be charged right out of the box. Standardized USB- and DC-Outlets on eJaguar ensure many third party cables, adapters and charging cables will be compatible.

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How it works


Super High Capacity

The definition of “Energy Storage”

The goal with eJaguar was to create an energy storage solution you don’t have to worry about running low on juice.

60 Watt hours of energy stored within this battery pack will make sure you have a sufficient backup of power for when it counts.


Your slab of energy.

Hi-tech energy storage for all your devices

Of course, in order to get so much energy into a thin slab of aluminum, you need high-tech solutions. Thus, we are using the same Li-Po battery technology electric car manufacturers build into their vehicles. We combine those with an efficient and smart charging controller to guarantee maximum efficiency and longevity of your eJaguar battery pack.

Get supercharged


eJaguar Battery

High-Capacity energy storage for all your devices.


Charger E-60


60Wh / 16’000mAh

Charges Phones, Tablets

and your Laptop

CHF 189.-
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Tech specs

Size and weight:





Power and output:

4-Watt Solar Cell @ 22V / 200mA

Fix installed Solar Module

DC Car Plug Socket out


8 Stowing Compartments

Special Laptop Compartment

Made of durable Truck Tarp

Energy Storage:

With eJaguar

for Notebook and Laptop charging


With Kalhuohfummi

for Phone and Tablet charging

In the Box

Version with “Kal”:

e5 Business

Battery Kal

Adapter Set for Phones

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Version with eJaguar:

e5 Business

Battery eJaguar

Adapter Set for Laptops

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Wall Plug Charger for eJaguar


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