Explore the outdoors.

And bring your devices

out for a hike.

It’s the little things that make you feel you’re free: Climbing a mountain, going a bike tour or camping by the lakeside. Many useful gadgets help us in planning our adventures and staying on the right track. To make sure they never run out of juice, recharge them on the go with e5 Explorer.

Pick your Kit

Become Energy independent

Produce energy on your own terms.

True independence comes from accomplishing something you’d never had thought possible. When was the last time you have produced your own energy? Tackle this challenge starting right now and do it while you’re onto something even bigger – climbing that peak, cycling that track or exploring the Amazon Basin.


Solar Panel

Does all the heavy lifting.

A lightweight and flexible solar module made in Switzerland exclusively for Element5. Generous 4 Watt of power will gather you a full Smartphone charge in just 2-3 hours of sunlight.


Solar Battery

Configure your kit to your needs.

The energy gathered by the solar module of your e5 Explorer will be stored inside a battery.

Go with “Kal” for easy phone charging or choose the version with eJaguar if you also need to recharge your laptop.

If you have other needs later on, just swap batteries: e5 Business is compatible with all our current and future energy packs thanks to a modular build.


Watt of Power from the Solar Module.


custom ways of attaching your Explorer kit.


hours of solar charging for a full iPhone refill.


Overly attached

(In a good way)

e5 Explorer wouldn’t be complete without the patented belt system that comes in the package. It will make sure you can attach your solar panel anywhere you need to.

e5 Explorer WhiteBG

Re-usable packaging

Playing it safe.

Explorer comes shipped in a robust, transparent and waterproof PVC tube. This makes sure your kit and its battery stay clean and safe on all your trips.


Power you can rely on.

e5 Explorer is your outdoor companion.

Explorers need gear they can rely on. And when every gram counts, you can’t settle for half-baked solutions. e5 Explorer is great at what it’s supposed to do – to provide you with an independent energy source while you’re off the grid.

Get Explorer now


e5 Explorer Outdoor Kit

Pack all your devices and recharge them while on the go.




16Wh / 4’400mAh

Charges Phones and Tablets


CHF 239.-
Buy Now




60Wh / 16’000mAh

Charges Phones, Tablets and Notebooks

CHF 339.-
Buy Now

e5 Explorer

Tech specs

Size and weight:





Power and output:

4-Watt Solar Cell @ 22V / 200mA

Fix installed Solar Module

DC Car Plug Socket out


8 Stowing Compartments

Special Laptop Compartment

Made of durable Truck Tarp

Energy Storage:

With eJaguar

for Notebook and Laptop charging


With Kalhuohfummi

for Phone and Tablet charging

In the Box

Version with “Kal”:

e5 Business

Battery Kal

Adapter Set for Phones

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Version with eJaguar:

e5 Business

Battery eJaguar

Adapter Set for Laptops

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Wall Plug Charger for eJaguar


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