e5 Business

A solar bag by definition

e5 Business is our classical, multi-use Solar Bag.

Its size of 15″ in diameter allows you to carry plenty of stuff around – because we know that you like to have everything at hand.

Perfect for packing all your documents, pens and your purse, e5 Business will also hold and recharge your electronic gadgets while on the go.

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Big Business

For sustainability.

A powerful 4-Watt Solar Module on the outside generates the energy for your daily power needs. On the inside, a battery keeps this charge always available for you.

e5 Business is divided into eight generous compartments that

keep your stuff neatly organized.

Individually hand-made in Switzerland, this solar bag shows our commitment to only the highest of quality work.

We believe a Solar Product should be as sustainable as possible, which includes longevity and the choice of materials.

e5 Business is made of a beautiful matte and durable truck tarp. It’s built to last and is easy to maintain and repair, should anything ever happen.


Solar Panel

Does all the heavy lifting for you.

A lightweight and flexible solar module made in Switzerland exclusively for Element5. Generous 4 Watt of power will gather you a full Smartphone charge in just 3-4 hours of sunlight.

Powerful amorphic Silicon technology keeps performance high and the weight low. The module is scratch- and water splash proof.


Energy Storage

Configure your bag to your needs.

A battery inside e5 Business stores the energy gathered by the solar module.

Go with “Kal” for easy phone charging or choose the version with eJaguar if you also need to recharge your laptop.

If you have other needs later on, just swap batteries: e5 Business is compatible with all our current and future energy packs thanks to a modular build.


Watt of Power from the Solar Module.


compartments for all of your belongings.


hours of sunlight for a full iPhone charge.


Padded interior

For extra safety

We have padded the inside of e5 Business with different layers of foam. This is to ensure that your valuable gadgets stay safe from the dangers of everyday life.

If your bag somehow gets dirty on the outside, just rinse it off with water.

Yes, your e5 Business is splash proof, as all electronic components are well built into the bag.


Add a panel

Double your solar production

Combine your e5 Business with an additional 4-Watt “Maroshi”-Module to double the charging power. Turbo-charge your energy production when you need more energy in less time. This is a perfect way to quickly fill up your eJaguar battery.

Get the Upgrade


Your office on the go.

e5 Business is your notebook’s best friend.

Pairing your e5 Business with an eJaguar Battery will allow you to keep your Laptop always fully charged. It literally puts an electrical outlet into your bag – holding 60Wh of energy for hours of outlet-independent working.

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e5 Business Solar Bag

Pack all your devices and recharge them while on the go.




16Wh / 4’400mAh

Charges Phones and Tablets


CHF 398.-
Buy Now




60Wh / 16’000mAh

Charges Phones, Tablets and Notebooks

CHF 489.-
Buy Now

e5 Business

Tech specs

Size and weight:





Power and output:

4-Watt Solar Cell @ 22V / 200mA

Fix installed Solar Module

DC Car Plug Socket out


8 Stowing Compartments

Special Laptop Compartment

Made of durable Truck Tarp

Energy Storage:

With eJaguar

for Notebook and Laptop charging


With Kalhuohfummi

for Phone and Tablet charging

In the Box

Version with “Kal”:

e5 Business

Battery Kal

Adapter Set for Phones

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Version with eJaguar:

e5 Business

Battery eJaguar

Adapter Set for Laptops

DC Car Plug Adapter – 12V – 5.5/2.1mm

Wall Plug Charger for eJaguar


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