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Solar Bags

A solar bag needs to excel in two fields at Element5: First, it needs to be a great bag with enough stowage room to carry all your belongings.

Then, it needs a built-in solar panel and battery for you to produce and store your own energy in a fun and usable way. Which qualifies it as a “Solar Bag”.

Combine that and you will have your gadgets always with you and also always have them fully recharged with your own self-harvested energy.

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element5 Solar Bags

Solar Kits

A Solar Kit at Element5 is defined by its ability to be a flexible energy gathering tool for whatever application you can think of.

A powerful but flexible solar module and a battery specially designed for solar use build the base for our solar kits.

From then on, your imagination is the limit: Attach your kit to your car, tent, window, bike, backpack or wherever you need to generate your own energy. Upgrade your solar kit with useful accessories to make it suit your exact needs.

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element5 Solar Kits

Energy Storage

Energy you produce yourself with your solar panel needs to be stored so you can access it anytime you need.

But storing Solar Energy is a technically challenging task due to the unstable nature of solar radiation.

At Element5, you can be sure our “Solar Charger” batteries are up to this special task and make the most out of your energy production. You can then combine them with a “Backup Battery” to further increase storage capacity.

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element5 Energy Storage


If you produce your own solar energy on a daily basis, you will find that you might be generating more energy than your smartphone can use.

You can then proceed to use your solar electricity to drive other fields, such as going through your music collection on a solar energy powered speaker or lighting a room or tent with LED lights driven by caught sun rays.

Expand the field of usage of your “home-grown” solar energy by powering our selection of solar energy compatible accessories.

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element5 Solar Accessories


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