All about e5
Why you’ll love your Element5 solar charger.

We love gadgets. We love sun.

That’s why we at element5 understand solar bags and

solar chargers better than everyone else.

This is what we do to make sure you’ll love your Element5 Solar Charger:

Solar Panel  Battery  Connectivity  Design  Warranty

The Solar Module.

Because it’s your time.

A more powerful solar module will shorten the charging time and allows for a more satisfying solar charging experience. 

As of today, element5 uses Solar Modules of 4 Watts and more for all their Solar Kits and Solar Bags. Using that power, approximately three hours of direct sunlight will result in a full smartphone charge, if you take an iPhone5 as reference.

We want to show you that solar charging can be efficient.

Learn all about Solar Panels

in our Technology section:

Tech - Solar Panels

The Batteries.

Making solar charging fun.

Every Solar Bag or Solar Kit from e5 comes with a specially designed Battery for Solar Energy Storage already built-in. Not only does this enhance the usability of your Solar Charger by a multitude, the Battery also acts as an energy cache, which can provide your valuable electronics with just the right amount of energy, just when you need it.

In Addition, some of our Energy Storage Batteries are also “Counter Ready” – Which means they will record the amount of clean energy you have produced with your Solar Bag or Solar Kit and allow you to upload this data to your online Profile on our Changers Community.

Learn all about Energy Storage

in our Technology section:

Tech - Batteries


Making sure you get the energy you need.

International Plug Standards:

Your Smartphone or Tablet came in a box with a charger cable.
You’ve been using it dozens of times to recharge your device and so far it worked just great.
Why change that?

From its beginnings, Element5 has been adapting industrial standards, such as USB or DC Cables, to charge your devices.

The benefits are:

1) Cheaper for you
Use your existing charging cable with all our products.
In case you need one more, you can buy it cheaply in our shop because it’s a widely available standard cable or part.

2) Better for the environment
Why waste energy and materials to produce proprietary parts that you can only use with a specific device?
Use your existing charging cables and help the environment!

3) Easily replaceable
Find spare parts in any mobile shop worldwide. This is essential if you’re on a hike or during your travels.

Efficient, low-loss connectors:

Let’s be honest: No Solar bag produces too much energy. We’re still trying to catch every sunray, extracting every Watt out of the modules, so we can’t waste that energy.

At Element5, we are constantly working on adapting highest efficiency components for our products.

That way, we can reach around 1% recharge/minute of sunlight (iPhone5) using our generous Solar Panel Real Estate, low-loss-Connections and solar optimized Batteries.

Now try that with a small panel, lossy connections and a cheap battery: Maybe you understand why these “cheap” generic Solar Chargers usually don’t deliver what they promise.

The Design.

Form follows function.

Our approach at Element5 to designing a new product is:

It needs to gather as much sunlight as possible, needs to store it efficiently and needs to be able to power all your devices.

We design not by fancy drawings but place the function of the finished product in the focus.

This is why our solar bags and solar kits are so very good at what they’re designed to do:

When we develop a new product, we first think about what it needs to excel at, what it needs to do really well.

We then go on from there.

No fancy designing. Just pure function. Form follows function. We want our customers to immediately understand how to use their Solar Charger.

Designing a Solar Bag involves so much more than just slapping a solar panel onto a bag.
In order to manufacture a true high-quality solar bag, we need to choose and source the right components: Solar Panel, Battery and Connection cables.
We then design and build a Bag around the components to give you one seamless and enjoyable solar experience.

Your Warranty.

Keeping your Solar Device going.

Element5 “Keep it Charging” Warranty

Element5 and you both have the greatest interest in keeping your Solar Charger running for as long as possible.

That’s why we’ll always figure out a way on how to keep it working and keep you happy with your purchase.


No matter what happens to your solar bag or solar kit, we have you covered:


– You have full lifetime warranty over manufacturing issues on Element5 Bags, Cases, Solar Kits and Solar Panels (Because mishaps can happen when handcraft is involved).


– Batteries are warrantied for one year from the date of purchase.


– If something happens that is your own fault: Hey, that can happen, too! You are supposed to USE your Solar Bag or Solar Kit, not keep it in your shelf.


Element5 will repair or replace any components which fail in normal use during this time period. After this period, we will replace any part for only 60% of the retail price as long as we still have the part in stock. However, transportation cost is yours to take care of. This warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse, accident, or unauthorized alterations or repairs.


We’ll offer you a fair and economic solution on how to get your gear running again. We can do that because we have our own manufactory and quality control in-house. Also, most of our products are built for easy maintenance: Thanks to their modular build, we can easily replace a part if one component fails.


In short / TL;DR: We’ll always figure out a way on how to keep your Element5-Gear running, even after years. After all, we have the greatest interest in you gathering as much solar energy as possible and sharing your progress on our Online Marketplace. We love knowing that our customers are out there having fun using our solar products.


Also, please keep in mind that by fixing and tweaking your Solar Charger instead of just replacing or scrapping it, we can actively help to minimize the environmental impact:

The longer your Solar Charger generates energy, the more “grey energy” it can offset – that is the energy that was put into designing, building and shipping your Solar Device. We strive towards producing more energy with your Solar Charger than was used to build it.

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