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Capture and store the sun

Carry or place your Solar Charger in the sun and start harvesting your own free energy right away.

Solar Chargers


Recharge your Devices

Use your gathered solar energy to recharge your mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Find out how


Upload your Progress

Connect the charger’s battery to your computer to get your personal energy harvesting stats.

The Community


Help sharing Resources

Use your collected solar energy to unlock development projects all around the world.

e5 Resource


Element5 users have already harvested



Watt hours

(and counting)

of clean solar energy.


Join us.

Choose from one of our solar bags or solar kits and start harvesting your own energy today. Gather sunlight and get points and awards on our Changers Community. Compare your energy production with other users.

Pick your charger


Your device,

solar powered.

Recharge for ever. For free.

With pure sunlight.

Express your lifestyle by feeding your smartphone some

home-made, sustainable green energy.

Make your next phone call or text message powered by pure sun.

Write a presentation on your laptop running on solar energy.

All provided by the energy source nobody can ever take away from you or charge you for: The sun. We’re happy to provide you with the tools for your solar harvest.

Go solar now

Sun, Fun,

Stats and Awards.

Log on to the community.

Get your personal solar score.

Harvesting solar energy is cool, but it’s even better if you get a feedback on how much energy you have generated with your gear.

A profile on our online community will give you the possibility to analyze your energy production with your Solar Kit or Solar Bag. Upload your daily solar production onto your online-counter and get your personal statistics and awards for your achievements.

Finally, there is a way to make your efforts on green energy visible.

Get started now

In partnership with:







Harvest sunlight,

share the profit.

Use your gathered solar energy

to support development projects.

e5 Resource is Element5’s project series to transform sunlight into valuable resources. Element5 users generate solar credits while harvesting sunlight and we are establishing a network of partners and supporters willing to fund a development project in exchange for those solar credits.

Join us on our mission to distribute resources worldwide to places where a lot can be improved by giving a little.

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